How to add Audio to Video and Edit it

This feature is available for all plans.

In this article, we will show you how to add an audio or music file to your video and edit it to your liking.

Head over to
Create an account or Log in
Click on Create Project at the top middle part of the screen.

Drag and drop the video to the "Upload the files" part of the window or click on it and you can select the file you want to upload
Wait for the video to upload
Go into the "Audio" tab. Then click on the "Upload a file" button and select the audio/music file you want to upload

Wait for the audio to upload
To edit the audio, click on the audio clip on the timeline and you'll see the Edit Audio settings where you can see the options to edit your audio

Below image is the several options on how you can edit your audio

Volume - Adjust the volume by clicking on the slider. Click on the Clean Audio feature if you want to clean the uploaded audio
Speed - Set a speed for the audio clip
Duration - Set a start and end time. If you click on the left stopwatch icon, the start time for the audio will be set on where the blue arrow is. Same thing applies for the right stopwatch icon which would be for the end time
Media - Click Replace Audio if you want to replace the selected audio clip with another audio file. The trash icon will let you delete the audio clip

You can trim your audio by clicking and dragging the edges of the audio clip on the timeline or put the blue arrow on where you want to cut it then click on Split
If you are finished with editing, click on the Export button at the top right side of the screen to export the project
The video will then render out and once done, it will redirect you to the Download page where you can download the video

DRM protected files

Some files you buy online are copyright protected. These are called DRM-Protected(Digital Rights Management) files. Theis applies to any file that has some kind of restiction in place againts unautherized use. DRM-Protected file include iTunes movies/TV shows, Apple Music, Audible audiobooks, Spotify Music, and more.
Files downloaded from these sites will not work in our ediror and you will see an error message when trying to upload.
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