How to delete a project

Here you will know how to delete a project on your account.

Go to your dashboard, hover on the project you want to delete and click on the three dots, then click Move to Trash. A confirmation message will show, click OK if you want to proceed.

The project will be put on the Trash tab.

The files on the Trash tab will be deleted forever after 30 days. If you want to completely delete it immediately or restore the project, go to Trash tab, hover on your project and click on the three dots. Then click on either Restore Project or Delete Forever. Another confirmation message will show if you click on Delete Forever. Once confirmed, the project will be completely deleted from your account and it cannot be retrieved.

If you created a project anonymously or without an account, you cannot delete it. Please contact our support to delete the project. If you exported this project, the anonymous video will be archived after 24 hours.
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