How to remove the background using green screen

This feature is available for every plan.

This article will show you how to use our Chroma Key feature to make the green screen in your video transparent. The tool can only remove the background if the background color is one color and there is very little difference in the shade of the background.
Once you remove the background, you can add images, videos, and more as the background.

Head over to
Create an account or Log in.
Create a project in your account.
Upload the video where you want to remove the background.
Once uploaded, click on the video on the canvas or the timeline.
This will bring up the Edit Video tab for that file on the left side.
Scroll down in that tab until you reach the "Chroma Key" option and turn it on.

To select which color to make transparent, click on the color picker and then click on the color on the canvas with the picker.

Adjust the sensitivity so that every part of that color is made transparent.

The sensitivity setting can be set between the 1 and 100 range, where 1 is the least sensitive and 100 is the most sensitive.
Please ensure that the background color is consistent throughout the part you wish to make transparent. Having too much difference in the shade of the color can cause issues where some parts of the color are not removed. If this is the case and changing the sensitivity isn't fixing this, we cannot remove the background for that video.

Once the background is transparent, head to the "Upload" tab, where you can upload the video or image files.
After uploading the file, select it on the canvas or the timeline.
Use the CTRL + Up/Down arrow keys (Command + Up/Down arrow key for Mac) to move the selected file up or down a layer.

Please note that if you don't upload and set a background after using the Chroma Key, the video's background will be set to the background color selected in the "Settings" once exported. The exported video won't have a transparent background.