How to screen record a specific window or entire screen online

This feature is available for all plans.

In this article, we will show you how to record a specific application Window or the whole screen.

Head over to to our screen recorder at VEED Screen Recorder and click Launch FREE Recorder button.

Our website will need access to your camera and microphone to start recording. It will ask you through the browser so we recommend using Chrome.
Once you enabled permissions, the app will ask you to select a layout right after you opened it. Select the Layout you wish to use.

Click on Camera, Audio, or Screen if you want to turn on or off any of these. If you click on Screen, the app will ask you to select entire screen or just an application window.

At the moment, there is no option to change the placement of your webcam within the screen recorder. However, you will be able to change the position of the webcam if the recording will be uploaded on the editor.

Once layout and screen to record are selected, you could choose an aspect ratio for the recording. The option to change is on the bottom right corner.

For the audio, as of now, the tool will only record the external audio and it will not record the internal audio.

You can customize how your recording would look like by adding a theme or background. Click Theme or Background to see the options to customize the background. You could select an image, a color, or upload your own image.

The themes are default, there is no option to add a theme from your device as of now. You can choose a theme and change the background of it too.

You could also add your slides for presentation. Click on Slides then drag or drop the file or click on Upload button.

You could click on Settings to check and edit the settings of your recording.
Once you're done preparing, click on Start Recording button at the top right to start recording.

You can pause or retake your recording by clicking on the buttons on top right.

After you are done with recording, click on the Stop button at the top right to stop the recording. You will get to the screen where your recording will be uploaded. Please wait for it to upload.

Once the recording is uploaded, you could play the video to preview and you will have options to edit, finish recording or delete it. You could also change the theme or background on it.

At this point the recorded video is not yet saved. If you close the window now, the video will be lost. You need to click on either Edit or Finish Recording when you are recording on the screen recorder app. Only then will the video be saved to our servers.
If you click on Edit, the recording will be uploaded on the VEED editor so you could edit the video. If you click on Finish Recording, the recording will be rendered on the video page where you can watch, download or share the video.

There's more! You can add scenes on the recording. Before finishing the recording, you could also add another recording or a scene. You will be able to delete or move each scene.

Change the Settings

Click on the gear or settings icon on the lower right bottom to change the settings before you start recording. Below are the options you can change:

General - toggle on Countdown to turn off the countdown when you start recording.
Camera - click on this to see your available Camera to use. Click on Mirror camera to mirror or flip your webcam.
Audio - click on this to see your available microphone to use.
Screen - click on this if you want to change your screen that you will record.

How to Manually enable Screen, Camera and Microphone permissions

Chrome and Edge

Click on the Lock icon next to the URL of the page.
Once the Site information panel appears, make sure that the camera and microphone are both set to "Allow" so that it can access them.

After you have made sure that you set both of them to "Allow", refresh the page. You can also click on the "Site Settings" or "Site permissions" to see a broader list of permission settings.


When you first open the recorder on Firefox and select the layout, the site should ask you for permission to use your Camera, Microphone, and Screen which you need to allow. It should look like this:

In case you allowed the site to use all of the devices but it still shows that it requires permission, click on the Lock icon next to the URL of the page and click on the arrow button next to the "Connection secure" message. Then click on the "More Information" button at the bottom of the window.

A window will appear where you need to go into the "Permission" tab and scroll down to where you see the "Use the Camera" and "Use the Microphone" options.

Deselect the "Use Default" option on both of them and set them to "Allow". After this close the window and refresh the page.

How to record from your Workspace

On your workspace, click Record Video or click New Video then Start Recording.
You will be taken to the screen recorder app and you could refer to the steps above to continue.
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