How to show multiple videos at the same time

This feature is available for all plans.

In this tutorial article, you will learn how to show multiple video files simultaneously. To be able to show multiple clips at the same time, you will need to move these clips into separate rows on the timeline.

Transparent videos are not supported currently. We will be adding support for those in the near future.

First, make sure you have multiple clips inside the project.
Select the clip you want to move to another row and drag it upwards a bit until you can see a blue line appears above the other clips. This is how it should look:

Once you can see that line, drop the clip on this line, and it should create a new row with that clip.

You can move other clips into this new row by simply dragging and dropping them into the row.

You will be able to move the clips in each row sideways, trim them, and cut them just as if you had one row.

If you want to create additional rows, repeat the steps above, and it should create another row.

Once you have moved your clips to different rows, you can drag them sideways on the timeline to move them above each other.
To change how they are positioned on the canvas, move the blue playhead on the timeline to a position where it is above every clip, and then you will be able to resize each clip.

Subtitling while having multiple clips shown at the same time

There are some limitations as of now on how you can subtitle clips if you have multiple video clips in different rows.
Please note that subtitles can only be added to the very bottom clip on the timeline. Currently, you cannot add subtitles to the other clips inside the project. The clip must be at the very bottom row to be able to subtitle it!

When you go into the "Subtitle" tab, you will only see the very bottom clip, and you will only be able to add subtitles to this clip. This is intentional, and it is not a bug.

We will be working on improving this soon. However, there is no estimated time as to when this will happen.
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