How to trim video online correctly

This feature is available for all plans.

In this video, we show you how to trim your video online. Using Veed, you can easily trim off the beginning or end of your video clips within seconds.

Head over to
Create an account or Log in
Click on Create Project
Drag and drop the video to the "Upload the files" part of the window or click on it and you can select the file you want to upload
Wait for the video to upload
Click on the video on the timeline
There will be 2 handles on either end of the video. The left is trims the start and the right one trims the end
Click and drag the handles to the time to which you want to trim the video down
Click and drag the video back to the beginning so that there is no empty place before it
If you are finished with the video then click on the Export button at the top right and then on Export Video, wait for it to render and then you can download it by clicking on the Download MP4 button

You can trim down from the end the same way. After you have trimmed the end down, make sure you set the Duration in the Project tab to auto by clicking on the lock icon next to the time.
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