How to Upload a YouTube Video on TikTok

This feature is available for all plans.

In this article, we will show you how to share a YouTube video to TikTok while respecting TikTok's content guidelines such as the duration and aspect ratio of the video.

Head over to
Create an account or Log in
Click on Create Project
Enter the video link to the bar at the bottom of the upload window and hit Enter on your keyboard
This article can help you in importing a video: How to import a YouTube video
Wait for the video to import
Trim down the video to 60 seconds or shorter. To do this, click on the video on the timeline and drag either end of it the same way as in the video
To change the canvas size to the 9:16 aspect ratio go into the Settings tab and click on Size. There you can select the aspect ratio for the video
Resize the video on the video canvas by clicking and dragging the dots on the corners of the video or click on the video to bring up the Video tab and click on the Fit frame button
You can change the background color in the Settings tab, add a few texts in the Text tab, add Emojis or a Progress bar in the Elements tab, generate subtitles automatically in the Subtitles tab to make the video better
If you are finished with editing, click on the Export button at the top right side of the screen and then on Export Video
The video will render out and it will redirect you to the Download page where you can download the video by clicking on the Download video button

Head over to
Click on Watch Now at the top right and then the button which looks like a cloud with an arrow in it.
You will be asked to log in to your account
Click on the upload box on the left and select the video you just downloaded from
While you wait for the video to upload, you can add a Caption to the video
Select the Cover photo for it( thumbnail ) by sliding the window to the part which you want to show up for the user first
Set who can view the video and what they are allowed to do
Click on Post and the video will be posted