Apply for VEED Video for Education

In this article you will find out some more information about how to apply for VEED's Video for Education program and eligibility guidelines.

Confirm that you are eligible. Read the eligibility requirements (below) to see if you qualify for the VEED's Education program.
Submit application form. Fill out and submit the application form here with all the necessary information and required documentation that verifies your eligibility.
Wait for our team to get back to you. The team will review the application and send updates on the status of your application via the email address you provide.
Enjoy Video for Education, free! Eligible teachers are approved and granted VEED Video for Education status. You will have access to all VEED Pro account features, for free.

Eligibility Guidelines:

All teachers with proof of certification and current employment at a school (Qualified Educational Institution accredited by an authorised governmental agency) are eligible.

A Qualified Educational Institution includes those accredited by an authorized governmental agency within its applicable local, state, provincial, federal or national government and has the primary purpose of teaching its enrolled students.

Documentation that shows evidence of valid teaching qualification includes:
A photo/scan of a license/certification indicating K-12 teaching qualification.
A photo/scan showing current employment status at the school.
A photo/scan of current School ID indicating teaching status(Photo of School ID must confirm teacher status and expiry date).

All applications are accepted at the discretion of VEED.